Chair Reports


IISMUN OHCHR - Combatting the impact of Covid-19 on women, and dealing with the rise in gender-based violence during the pandemic.pdf
IISMUN OHCHR - Establishing the safety of journalists, and securing freedom of press.pdf


IISMUN UNESCO - Countering the aftermath of the Covid- 19 pandemic on cultural industries and arts, and rebuilding the fine arts industry.pdf
IISMUN UNESCO - Safeguarding heritage sites in war-torn areas.pdf


IISMUN UNFCCC - Establishing the education of the youth on climate change, and ways to utilise it.pdf
IISMUN UNFCCC - Looking into the non-compliance of countries towards the Paris Agreement, and implementing measures to ensure the compliance of member states..pdf


IISMUN UNODC - Strengthening criminal justice capacities of central Asian countries to counter terrorism .pdf
IISMUN UNODC - Combatting the social, political, and economic aspects of terrorism in the Middle East (1).pdf


IISMUN UNSC - De-escelating the political tension caused by Russia's declaration of Crimea.pdf
IISMUN UNSC - Subverting border tensions caused by the Armenia-Azerbaijan conflict.pdf