December, 9-11, 2022

At Istanbul International School MUN, our intention is to create a professional discussion of the issues at hand in a safe and respectful environment. To guarantee the high standards, we require all delegates to have at least B2 English level.

From our Secretary-General:

Honorable Delegates, Advisors, and Team Members,

On behalf of the IISMUN organizers, I am delighted to extend a warm welcome to the second MUN conference hosted by Istanbul International School on December 9-11, 2022.

As one of a few conferences hosted by international schools in Turkey, we will be ensuring that IISMUN will provide an unmatched experience to all of its participants. Our rigorous academic program helps with setting a high bar for research, not to mention English is the only language of communication on school grounds.

The first IISMUN conference took place when Covid-19 restrictions were still in place. At that time we had to keep the participant numbers low, masks on, and hopes of no lockdown high. Having left it all behind, we are looking forward to opening the doors of our campus to those of you with a fervent interest in diplomacy and global affairs.

We have prepared the academic program with the intention of addressing a variety of topics for the delegates with ranging experiences. Those who are new to MUN will get both experience and necessary training in the WHO committee. Security Council, Human Rights, Arab League, UNHCR, Outer Space Affairs, and UNODC are the committees you can choose from based on your interest and background knowledge.

Finally, we hope not only for fruitful debates but for a fun time you would enjoy. Our PR and Crisis teams will make sure to add some variety to the sessions and break times as well as create a memorable social event. Don’t forget to check the updates on the website and Instagram for more details.

Our team and I are cordially inviting you to IISMUN,


Firas Assara

IISMUN Secretary-General